How to use Twitter for Business

Millions of people use Twitter everyday to share information, ideas and random updates about what’s going on in their lives. It’s also a great place for shoppers looking for deals, businesses trying to make a sale, and organizations looking for advocates and donors.

Here are three tips you can use to effectively get your point across and generate leads in 140 characters or less:

1. Use less than 140 characters. Twitter limits tweets (messages) to 140 characters, but I recommend using less. If you use all 140 characters and someone tries to Re-Tweet your post, a part of your post will be lost.

2. Provide a lead. Your tweets should include a link back to your Website so that viewers can get more information relating to your tweet. Unless you are just sharing poetry, viewers will want to know where to donate, buy, sign-up or simply learn more – so add a URL at the end of your tweet.
How to use Twitter for business and non-profits

And while you are at it, keep the URLs short. and are two tools (and Websites) you can use to shrink your URL to just 15 characters. Using a shortened version of your URL will leave more space for your message.

3. Schedule your tweets. HootSuite, Twuffer and Co-Tweet are just three out of tons of tools that will allow you to write your tweets now and send them later. Scheduling your tweets can help get your message in front of your target audience when they are most likely to be looking – plus it will give you time to learn about how social media can help you meet your goals.

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