Best Billboard? Yahoo! Mail Homepage

A few months ago Yahoo! Mail users were greeted with Yahoo!’s latest ad placement. The new ad spot is brilliantly featured as the background for the Yahoo! Mail’s login page where millions of Yahoo! Mail users are bound to see it. The spot is a win-win for advertisers looking to score on impressions. This is perhaps the best online placement I’ve seen that makes good use of idle space – you can’t miss the 1,440px × 1,024px image, and there’s no fast-forwarding past it.

I’m expecting Yahoo!’s bold move to inspire other Web sites to create similar placement opportunities for advertisers.

Under-utilized white space

If you are running a Website that use a log-in feature, here are three reasons why you should consider turning your log-in page into a top placement spot:

1. People spend on average 15 seconds on log-in pages* – that’s valuable time they could be spending looking at your client’s ads.

2. You could use the background of your log-in page to promote a cause you feel passionate about.

3. Lots of white space for waiting for a great idea.

Log-in pages will never be the same again!

*Based on Suzette Gardner’s unscientific survey 🙂