When your Company Name is Your Top Keyword

Everyone wants certain keywords to put their Website among the top 10 search results on Google, Bing or Baidu. The baker wants his Web site to show up every time someone search for “tarts”, the travel agency wants their site to show up every time someone search for “Jamaica” and so on. The fact is, sometimes your company name is the number one keyword driving traffic to your Website. Does this mean your keyword strategy is a failure? Absolutely not.

If your company or organization name is among the top keywords sending traffic to your Web site it doesn’t mean people are coming to your Web site for the wrong reasons – it means they are coming!

Offline media often converts ‘Company Names’ to keywords. Television, radio, print media and even good ole word-of-mouth are still effective at driving traffic to Websites. When people read or hear about interesting businesses or organizations offline, if they are impressed, their next step is to look them up online.

The Internet as ‘Directory Assistance’. Fewer and fewer people are dialing 411 to get contact information for businesses and organizations they may have read or heard about. The internet is fast, free and thanks to a keyword and brand strategy that includes your actual brand, company name and Web site, information about your business is easier to find.

Number one is not the only one. If your company name is the number one (or two, or ten) keyword sending people to your Web site, remember it is not the only keyword. About 5% of visitors use a business or company name as the keyword to reach a Web site; the other 95% use a variety of keywords which may include your choice keywords. Keep building on your SEO and SEM strategies to improve your results – after all your most important goal is to keep the visitors coming.

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