Is Your Website Social Media Friendly?


If referrals are important to your business or organization, then visitors to your Website should be able to forward your content to friends in just a few clicks instead of taking time to “copy and paste” your Web links before emailing them to friends.

Online communication today is more than “email”. More and more people are choosing to use social networks as their primary communication platform.

Some of the top Websites are finding that a growing number of their new visitors are coming from social networks where their regular visitors are sharing Web links. For example, news out of TWTRCON (the annual “Twitter for Business” conference) is that social media is the fastest growing source of traffic to the Wall Street Journal Online,! Up to 15% of visitors to get there through links posted on Facebook, twitter, StumbleUpon or other social media Websites.

twtrcom_mi2Two steps you can take to be on top of this new trend are –

1. Add a widget for easy sharing
There are many free web tools or widgets that can help you share your content. ShareThis and AddThis are two popular widgets that will allow your visitors to easily share your Website in a variety of networks — some of which you might not have even heard of.

2. Make sure your content is social media friendly.
Keep your headings short and make full use of Meta tags that describe your content. Use images for an attractive presentation – but check their size and resolution so that they are fast loading. Your copy should be to the point and not too wordy.

A Web producer should be able to help get your site social media friendly – and as always we are here to help.

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