Lead Conversion: How to Keep Your Fish

A solid marketing plan must include a budget for online marketing regardless of the product or service being offered. If a potential customer calls, it means your marketing campaigns are working; but the best online marketing campaigns can be derailed by lousy offline sales. Here are three rules your sales rep should keep in mind the next time your phone rings:

Demo, not promo. Your potential customer has already seen the promotion on the Website – that is why they are calling so there is little need to re-state it. Move on to the next step of demonstrating how your product or service can meet his/her needs. Scheduling a Web or in person demo should be your first priority – but be sure to listen to what the customer wants. Do not force an in-person demo on someone insisting on one that is Web based; if you do, you could end up wasting your time and resources.

Don’t bad mouth the competition. Listen to what the customer is looking for and emphasize the ways in which your product or service can meet their needs. Discussing the positives of your product or service is of greater value to your caller than badmouthing the competition.

Do away with hidden costs. When pricing is made clear to your customers, it makes it easier for them to consider spending more. Be open about pricing; present at least two scenarios for how your clients can use their budget to demonstrate that you are their business partner.

Happy sales and marketing!

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