Social Media Management

Focus on running your business – we’ll manage your social media marketing!

Need a boost to your influence in social networks? Can’t afford to hire staff? Short-term projects? Need weekend help
– or project guidance in plain English?

Hire A Part-Time Social Media Manager width=
Your Social Media Manager will –

  • Manage your social media presence
  • Create content to engage your audience on Facebook, Twitter and other networks.
  • Distribute content on all social media platforms
  • Monitor, engage and respond to queries in your social networks
  • Conduct social media research and competitor analysis
  • Manage online advertising campaigns
  • Conduct A/B testing and reporting
  • Provide clear, concise campaign performance reports

Contact us via email, form or call us at (202) 630-5717

Other Services

Your Interactive Marketing Strategist –

  • Analyze current social media campaigns and help you improve their impact
  • Help you develop strategies and tactics that deliver results
  • Design reports that provide answers and next steps
  • Identify trends and emerging engagement platforms you can leverage for success
  • Help you develop engaging online marketing campaigns for your business
  • Develop media plans and manage ad placements
  • Analyze and interpret analytics/metrics – and provide comprehensive reports
  • Develop interactive rewards program that retain clients and generate new business

¬†Your Social Media Trainer –

  • Lead engaging, informative ‘How-to’ workshops
  • Deliver interactive marketing best practices seminars
  • Develop customized workshops and seminars on social media and interactive marketing

Contact us via email, form or call us at (202) 630-5717

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