BIO: Suzette Gardner has over 10 years of online marketing and interactive campaign development experience and has worked on Interactive marketing projects for Heifer International, Clinton Foundation, Justice Policy Institute, and Florida International University to name a few.

She maintains this blog offering free online and mobile marketing tips to spread the joy of social entrepreneurship and new media marketing.

Some projects I’ve worked on…

Public Awareness – National Sleep Foundation Advocacy – CWA Union, IPO
Flickr campaign Using the adorable to raise public awareness about sleep health & safety. “My Baby Loves Sleep” and “My Pet Loves Sleep” campaigns utilized Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, e-mail promotion, Web promotion, Kintera Blackbaud CMS and viral marketing agents to share and encourage participation. YouTube campaign The CWA’s “Chained to My PC” campaign utilized e-mail, YouTube Google Adwords and Website promotion to highlight working conditions at call centers.
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week – E-Cards, Facebook, MySpace and other social networks were used to promote drowsy driving prevention. The graphic imagery used on flyers, and in email and social media promotion helped convey the seriousness of micro-sleeping while at the wheels. Creative direction, social media Intellectual Property Owners Association – Utilized Kintera (now Blackbaud) advocacy module to engage members.
Social Media Marketing – Shefferman Orthodontics, Heifer International
Social media marketing Developed and implemented social media marketing strategy. Customized social media presence, e-mail marketing, Facebook and Google advertising were used to grow referrals. interactive marketing campaign Heifer International partnered with popular musician Dan Zanes to promote their catalog during the holidays. This great campaign generated several fundraising opportunities via e-mail, e-cards, ringtones and more. MySpace, YouTube, and iTunes were used the promote this campaign.
Fundraising – Heifer, Rebuilding Together, Clinton Foundation Email Marketing – Heifer Int’l, CPN
Fundraising strategy and implementation Fundraising strategy and implementation using e-mail, e-cards, social media, paid media, and Web promotion. Analytics, campaign optimization and a variety of CMS modules helped to deliver success. Cut and code emails Cut and code emails used to solicit donations for organizations and projects. Used HTML and CSS to improve deliverability and utilized CRM features.
Websites – Project Management, Design, Develop, Template Customization, Maintenance, Social Media

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