Top Interactive Marketing Tips 2011

We hope you’ve had a great year following our tips! According to our analytics, our readers and clients were most interested in learning about the latest trends in social media and e-communications – and how to apply them to their business. Here’s to more of the same in 2012!

#1 – Social Media Management: Facebook ‘recommends you create a page instead’ of groups for businesses
Social Media ManagementThree things you can do to avoid losing your community of supporters to Facebook’s archive. According to Facebook, the archiving process will involve converting all old groups to the new group format–but without several key functions and content. For example, old groups will lose members and will not show ‘recent news’ or information about the group’s network and branding.

#2 – Social Media and Business:  Twitter – How Startbucks Use Twitter
Social Media and BusinessThe fact is, you can’t stop people from using social media to say good or bad things about your business or organization, but if you are a part of the conversation you can clarify misconceptions, learn from accurate criticisms, and show off the positive buzz.

#3 – Email Marketing: Spirit Airlines Jumps on Hard to Resist ‘Weiner’ Keyword – Should You?
Email MarketingWhile U.S. Congressman Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) colleagues were busy rebuking him, Spirit Airlines’ marketing team were busy launching their “Want To See Our Weiner?” e-mail marketing campaign – all puns intended.
#4 – Social Media and Product Improvement: How Realtime Tech Can Highlight and Fix Biz Failures; Bikeshare review
Social Media and Product ImprovementThanks to technology, businesses and organizations function in a real-time information environment. Feedback on your brand’s reach, influence and performance is broadcast across the globe 24-hours a day in an endless news cycle fueled by social media.
#5 – Social Media and Crisis Management: How and Why BlackBerry Turned to Social Media
Social Media and Crisis ManagementBlackBerry needed to manage the 24-hour news cycle driven by social networks to assure their customers that a fix was in progress. Their best bet was to join the conversation and use their own social media networks to engage their customers. Twitter,Facebook and YouTube were all used by RIM/BlackBerry to keep customers abreast with the company’s efforts to restore service – here’s how and why!

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