Google – Teaching Parents Tech (for Product Awareness)

Google Teach Parents Tech Google has joined Yahoo! in converting its email login page into a billboard – but what Yahoo! is using as premium ad space, Google is using to promote its products through a new project called “Teach Parents Tech”. The project is a Web-based video resource that allows users to select any number of simple “how to” tech support videos and send the videos to mom, dad or just about anyone. It takes about a minute to watch any of the videos and they cover a range of topics including, how to find information, upgrade your browser or manage electronic media files.

So, how can businesses and nonprofits benefit from this great idea?

1. Share it with your customers – it might improve their ability to communicate with you if you are using Google products and the Internet for outreach.

2. All great ideas are worth copying – If you have login space on your Website, you could be using this space to educate your customers, or to promote products.

3. It’s a model for product or service awareness – How about a campaign to educate your customers on the many great services they can access via your Website or mobile phone? “Teach Parent Tech” is a great model for just that.

The developers have successfully built a platform that utilizes email and Web-based videos to inform and educate. Not only does Google build product awareness, they also have the opportunity to learn about their customers’ technology strengths and weaknesses – vital information for future marketing plans. Bravo!

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