Non-profit fundraising – from email to donation form

Care2 hosted a great Webinar today: The Procrastinator’s Guide to 2010 Year End Fundraising. We’ve remixed four great take-aways for organizations using email to get visitors to give through online donation forms:

1. Get to the point
So, you’ve sent your appeal with a nice “click to donate” button. When your readers click that button they should be taken to the donation form – not to another ‘please donate’ pitch. Your email already made the pitch and the donor is ready to give; inserting another pitch before donation form can be distracting and could lower your conversion rate.

2. Keep your donor focused
Suppress your global navigation if you can. This will help your visitor to focus on why they came to your Website: to make a donation. Yes, you want your visitors to see that your Website is the go-to place on the Web for your cause, but save the showing-off until after they have completed their donation.

3. Inspire trust
Post your fundraising team’s email address and telephone number. People need to know they can call or email someone to confirm receipt of their donation.

4. Say the magic words
“Thank you!” Donors like to feel appreciated – plus it’s great to get confirmation that their donation did go through. Your thank you message could be the start of a long lasting relationship.

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