Why Twitter is Good for Small Businesses


Small business operators and educators are sometimes too busy to keep up with latest greatest social media tools. It’s hard enough to decide which one to take on, much more learn how to use them to boost your business. Well we’ve got a tip for you: start with Twitter! It is one of the best gateway social media tool for small businesses and here are 3 reasons why:

Realtime results: Start off by using Twitter as a search engine. Unlike Google, Twitter’s search results are delivered in “realtime” so you get the latest feedback and information on any request, in every subject area and in just about any language. Twitter limits the number of characters per post, so your results are “straight to the point”.

Promote your business: Setting up a profile with your Web address is the first step to meeting folks looking for your goods and services. Share links to your blog, product or service to promote your business and get feedback. Post links to your events and activities to cultivate a following that could improve your bottom line.

Find your kind: Twitter is a good place to connect and share information with ‘subject matter experts’ or enthusiasts in any field – internationally or locally. Whether you are interested in DJ equipment, BMWs or marketing, Twitter is the place to find your kind with just a quick search.

A Twitter account is easy to set up, and an online marketing professional should be able to help you get the most out of this great social media tool – and don’t forget to follow me 🙂

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