Is Your Business Missing out on LinkedIn?

It’s true that Facebook is all the rage, but LinkedIn is still a great place for businesses to connect with talent, suppliers, markets, investors, share ideas with other entrepreneurs and the leadership of fortune 500 companies and so much more. Best of all it’s also a great place to connect with a professional customer base!

Here are three steps businesses and entrepreneurs should be taking to connect with future employees, suppliers and customers on LinkedIn:

1. Set up a profile
– and don’t forget to include a picture/logo. Since LinkedIn is one of the most trafficked Websites, this will boost your search engine presence and make it easy for anyone to find you and learn more about your business and experience.

2. Join a group! There’s a group on there for every type of business and professional and if you can’t find the one you are looking for, start your own and begin connecting with your target audience now.

3. Start discussions and share information, ideas and ask questions about whatever it is you are looking for or the products and services you provide. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll learn for free.

Let the world know that you are open for business – and don’t forget to connect to me 🙂

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